Doing a preliminary B2B sales diligence is a necessity if businesses want to manage the risk of entering new markets. 

Imagine if companies choose to engage a sales team to do a short-term sales effort, it will provide invaluable feedback from the market to give an indication how quickly the companies will be able to expand in the new market at the moment.

Here are 3 reasons why companies should start doing short-term based sales research before entering new markets

1. It puts results before ideas
There are no bias survey involved, there are no aggregation based on desktop research and neither is it based on personal assessments. A B2B sales diligence is a full force sales action that seeks to gain approval, deals and customers for the company, there can be only two judgements, results or no results.

2. It cost lesser and help companies avoid losing more investments

Companies only pay the cost of service from engaging the sales team, read how you can further reduce the cost to engage a sales team here, plus the advantage of potential deals and actual contracts. A B2B sales diligence is an investment with direct ROI and if the results are unfavorable, companies can then re-evaluate their initial strategies.

3. It allows the company to evaluate their current strategies in a different market

There are different responses in different continent, country and industry. What worked for a company in a particular area may not be so quickly received others. Through a short-term B2B sales action, companies can decide if they need to invest into a market consultation on the new market or to carry on with their current strategy.

Engaging a sales team for a short term engagement is a quick and convenient way to assess the future progress in a new market. It is a method that provides practical information and a clearer feedback of the target clients.

Canvass Consulting is an outsource B2B sales agency that specialises in the Information Technology Service & Information Service Industries. We work with clients to execute short term sales efforts for them in new markets or to serve as temporary sales reliefs during periods of transitions.

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