If you are in a B2B sales job you will not be able to get away from the duty of cold calling. While the most ideal situation is to speak with a ‘warm lead’, the reality is commonly much further away from that case.

The day gets worse when the first few calls you get are quick fired ‘not interested’ response even before you get a chance to say anything.

Here are 5 tips how to continually be motivated making calls throughout the day.

1. Never take it personally
The sure and fastest way to lose your confidence level is to take each rejection personally. That is why direct each rejection towards your company. Treat it as them saying no to your company that you are calling on behalf from and not you.

2. Sit up, or better still, stand up, when on the phone

This is a particularly useful tactic at the start of cold calling sessions or when you are feeling your enthusiasm beginning to cool off. Sitting up or standing up will inject much needed energy, vitality and make you feel more empowered in your calls.

3. View it like it’s a game

Viewing it as a game that you are trying to beat the previous score. Try something new that you haven’t done before during your cold calling, for example, try a new approach in your script for the next 10 calls to see how it fares. View each call as a game and you will find yourself feeling that cold calling is a lot easier.

4. Realise that they just lost more than you

When they say no to you, they are saying no to opportunities, solutions and results that they could have, would have, should have gained, had they given themselves a chance to explore further. It really isn’t your loss but theirs when they reject you.

5. Accept that you can’t win them all

Even the best cold callers don’t get that appointment or close that deal every time so get over it already! The only true failure is giving up and giving in. Every successful person fails at some time. When you fail just see it as a stepping stone on your path to success.


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