Outsourcing sales efforts is a way to minimize investment and maximize returns. Ideally companies want to be able to make short-term investments for long term gains.

Here are 4 reasons why outsourcing sales efforts is going to help your business.

1. Lower Overheads
The best part of outsourcing sales efforts is that the outsourced teams generally do not require you to provide equipment, i.e. phones, computers, office space and other related items. This means you get to retain the lean structure of your company in a smaller office (even less overheads) while retaining the efforts.

2. Access to a Multi-faceted Team
In most cases, you can get access to a whole team of multi-faceted sales people for the cost of one in-house sales person with far less management time.

3. Eliminate Payroll and Related Costs
When you outsource you only pay for services rendered rather than the normal costs of payroll, entitlements, travel, health benefits, miscellaneous salary contribution etc.

4. Human Resource Solution
An outsourced sales team not only plays the role of a sales extension for a quick boost in sales efforts, it also serves as a solution for human resource during times of resignations, maternity leaves or an unfortunate incident.

In general outsourcing sales efforts makes good business sense when time is of the essence. While companies are trying to resolve internal issues to get back on track, opportunities can be still captured without losing them to competitors who are out in the market.

Canvass Consulting is an outsource B2B sales agency that specialises in the Information Technology Service & Information Service Industries. We work with clients to execute short term sales efforts for them in new markets or to serve as temporary sales reliefs during periods of transitions..

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