Managing life’s objections using 3 sales strategies

If you know how to be disciplined in playing sports, you will know how to be disciplined at work. If you know how to be optimistic in business, you will know how to be optimistic in a relationship.
Many principles and values in life are multi-applicational, the same goes for handling objections and rejections.
Sales, being the only function that I have been in in my entire career, is a job that requires me to face objections and rejections daily. It might sound like an exaggeration, but there are less than five days in the entire year that I get to celebrate a ‘No-Objections-or-rejections’ day.

Salespeople go through this repetitive routine

Salespeople face one rejection after another. Salespeople are trained to handle and manage rejections (if they have a decent manager.)
We’re one of the best people to turn to for advice on the topic of handling rejections.
Want to learn how better to manage rejections and objections in your life? Read on.

How Does A Salesperson Handle Objections?

Never (ever) take it personally. Ever.
Keep your sanity intact — treat each and every objection as a count for your company and not on yourself. Your level of confidence needs to remain high, so does your motivation. Take it personally, and you’ll dread picking up the next call, or writing the next email.
When someone says the “N” word and reject your offering, they’re really in fact disagreeing with the next person who will give you The Firm Handshake:


“The people that agrees with me, disagrees with all the people that disagreed with me.”

Challenge the objection (tactfully)

There’s a smartass way to get around rejections that almost guarantees you a second chance. Here’s an example.
An actual conversation that took place in 2015:
Feedback: “Your services are unsuitable for my company because we are too small.”
Reply: “Well, (Name), can we agree that most companies become bigger because they invested one way or another and not the other way round?
Yes, we can.
Reply: “What is the strategy you have on expanding your company next year?”
This is where your second chance comes.
Suggest reasons why it makes most sense to use your services. If it doesn’t work, then you’ll need to relook at your prospects and prospecting skills.
Challenge the notion, not the person.


Sometimes, depending on the situation, challenging may not be the most effective. In that case…….

Agree with them to agree with you

Empathise with them on why you agree with what they said.
An actual conversation that took place in 2015
Feedback: “It’s too expensive”
It always is too expensive until they see the value.
Reply: “I agree. Yes, it is pricier than what you are currently spending, and there is a reason for it, because does more, does a better job, and does it much faster. Which, I believe you mentioned, are qualities you deem important to your business.”
^ Please verify the said qualities before putting this in your sales pitch, guys. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot.
Agree with them. There is always a valid reason to their rejection from their point of view.
Accept their rejections instead of invalidating them. Put yourself in a position where they feel empathised with.


Always practice what you have learned, the more you use it the more natural it comes to you. The same goes for handling objections at work or not life. In order to become good at this you need to start putting yourself in a position where you can constantly be objected.

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