Result based selling is the new way for B2B companies to do new sales in modern times.

Gone are the days where sales people turn up at the doorstep of prospective customers, rattle on about their product and hand out a piece of contract for purchase. Solution selling is increasingly getting overused by people across different industries.

What the world wants now is a provider confident enough to step up and say, “If improvement doesn’t happen when you use my service, you are getting your money back”

Why results based selling is the best way to secure your next new sales

1. Nothing convinces better than results

If you are doing new sales you will realise the key barrier in closing a deal is the lack of confidence in your company, why should they trust you if they have not heard of your company?If you are in a B2B industry, one of the best way to lower that barrier and gain trust quickly is to assure your prospects of the measurable results by using your services and to put the money down on that outcome.

2. It puts you on levelled ground during negotiations

Since it is results based, service providers now also share the same risk. This allows the service provider to optimize the negotiation terms in every aspect of the working contract. Sales people no longer go to the negotiation table feeling like they are the underdogs and subject themselves to duress every time the prospects tries to lower the quotation or amend the T&Cs.

3. It is fair

People are afraid of being sold to or to purchase something which they will regret later when it doesn’t work, especially if it is a new purchase. Results based selling is a confident way for salespeople to engage with your prospects and tell them they are only paying for what works. For what don’t work, they are going to get their money back.

About Canvass Consulting

Canvass Consulting is a turnkey sales agency for companies to engage on a short-term basis for new market sales feasibility studies. Our key service helps our clients generate more revenue streams by executing sales efforts on their behalf in the local market and our strength lies in the ability to penetrate the market efficiently & effectively within a short period of time to provide our clients clarity on the market’s response to their products & services.

At Canvass Consulting, we are your local sales team that helps discover revenue potentials in new markets while reducing your risk, time, human resources & cost in your bid for expansions beyond your shores.

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