If you are in a company that is driving high sales growth, a huge part of the job is to make sales call and engage with new people everyday.

The key to such calls, on top of the quality of the actual conversation, is the choosing of timing as to when to make that call in order to connect with as many people as possible. According to research done by leadresponse.org, fillthefunnel.com and hubspot. Here are the common consensus among their reports:

From the research done and tabulated, the few clear signals are

  1. Tuesday is your worst day to be contacting anyone, period.

3 years of data collection among 6 companies, the findings are more surprising and educating that expected. It almost seems like nobody is working on Tuesdays!

It could be the Monday blue bugs that is still biting, but from the studies it shows that people are generally uninterested, unavailable and uncontactable to be engaged on the phone.

Be mindful that it is also during these 2 early days of the week that people are transiting back to work from the weekend, planning for the week, clearing back-log emails as well. So an unscheduled sales call or contact may throw them back and get you some poor response.

       2.  Wednesdays & Thursday are the best days to be calling

Wednesday and Thursday are the best days of the week to make sales calls – almost 50% better in terms of results than Tuesday. It is also during these two days that people get into the momentum of work and is more likely and ready to engage for a business call.

Further more, between the two days, Thursday is the one when the call has the higher chance to turn into business call or a meeting call. It performs 19% better than Fridays

  3.  4 to 6pm is your best time to call to make contact with a lead.

Technically, it is 114% better than calling at 11 to 12am, right before lunch.

Between 4 and 6 p.m., most prospects are finishing up their work for the day. They have completed most of their to-do checklist and are tying up the last bit. This would be a great moment to pick up the phone and make that sales call. With the more important work out of their way, your prospective clients should have more time to chat and listen to what you have to offer.

If you are not rounding up your work yet like most of your contacts would, then you might be able to reap the benefits of making a late sales call. Most people leave the office at around 5/6 pm., making sales calls after this time could result in you reaching senior staff members who might be staying late. By calling late we don’t mean 8/9pm kind of late, when everyone is most likely already at home. But calling between 5 and 6 p.m. could get you through to a decision maker.

4.   The ideal response time

Let’s be honest, we spend hours of effort, time and resource getting someone to signal an interest in our company’s product and services.

It would be injustice to let an interested party go because of poor response timing. According to the research done by leadsresponsemanagement.org the odds of you contacting a lead decreases 10 times after the first hour, in fact it decreases 21 times between the first 5 minutes to the 30th minute.

What are we trying to say? Get on the phone and call back the lead as soon as you can, because that is an opportunity escaping you right in front of your eyes!


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